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13 / Beyond Avatars - The book issue!

Marcus Wermuth
Marcus Wermuth
3 min read

Hi y'all and happy Monday 👋 Welcome to Issue 13!

First of all I am sorry. Last week I messed up the link to my new article. Some of you might have then seen it on social, as the link in the email didn't work. Here we go again. This time hopefully it works 😅

I've got some exciting news to share!!!!

Over the weekend I've finished setting up my landing page for the book. It is happening 😱 Before I share more I need to ask you a favour. I am normally not asking anything off you, but for this book to be what I hope it can be, I need some help. If you are up for it and feel like you want to support me, sharing the landing page would be awesome.

There are 2 options that I am offering. To learn more check out down below! Btw as you are one of the early subscribers you already saved yourself a 25% discount!!!

I am also going to shout about it on social, but likely only in the next day or two.
Here are a few links:

I'll probably mentioned it here and there again in the newsletter, and will also update you how things are going.

I am too excited to think or even write about anything else, so this week it's just book stuff!
Enjoy this week’s issue nonetheless! Have fun 🙌

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Apps & Tools & Books

  • Demystifying Public Speaking - Lara Hogan does some really cool things when it comes to leadership and management. There are quite a few articles I keep on recommending from her. This one for example about the Feedback Equation. She's also written a few books, and one of them "Demystifying Public Speaking" is now available online for free. It helped me a ton when I was starting out to give talks at conferences.

The World of Beyond Avatars

Ok here we are. It is happening. I was hesitating, because I am not done yet, but I also thought it's either now or never. Sharing with the world that I am writing a book and that it is shaping up well, is exciting. And frightening at the same time. It's not the book yet, but still. Makes me feel vulnerable. And proud at the same time. I know that's weird. But you have to understand that writing was never my strength. Now being on the verge of finishing a book is mind blowing to me. I can't wait to see what you will think about it once it is out there.

What I am doing right now is to hopefully promote the book a bit and get some attention. I would hate to release it and have no-one actually read it 🙈 That's where also you come in, helping me out to spread the word. Whether that is on social or via word of mouth. Anything you can do is great. And if you want to wait until it is out - that is more than fine too. I get it.

I am going to offer 2 things on the landing page right now.

  • Subscribing to a separate book update newsletter and receiving 25% off on release. (Btw you don't need to subscribe as you are one of my early followers you have that 25% discount already and will receive all the news on this one here.)
  • For those that want to support me I am offering a Pre-Order Option on Gumroad, that will get you 50% discount now.

There is also going to be an Early Adopter Package that I am putting together with resources, tools and workflows to give everyone that supports me an additional bonus.

So yes, that's it. I would love to hear your feedback or opinion. I am very happy to have you on this journey!

Here is a big THANK YOU 🙏


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Have a great Monday and week,