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Remote Work

Virtual Communication in a Crisis

This blog post was co-authored by Raquel Ark....

Virtual 1:1s

A guide about virtual 1:1s, explaining the differences and helping you get started. Learning how to build great relationships in a virtual environment.

Isolation: One of the biggest Problem in Remote Work

Not surprisingly, loneliness is one of the bigger problems with work, and remote work especially. As a leader it is important to be aware of potential risk and help others and of course yourself to not fall into isolation.

Over-Communication does not exist in Remote Work

In today’s world communication is the most important tool we have - especially in remote teams! If we wouldn’t communicate with each other, we would just be a bunch of freelancers spread across the world.

Stay Curious and Keep Learning To Be The Best Remote Leader You Can

Remote work is still an emerging way of working and setting up a company fully distributed is still not the most common setup. The tools and processes we have right now work ok, but as remote work will evolve as will everything else with it. Adapting to every little change can be hard, but learning and improving while the world around us changes will be crucial for ourselves and the distributed teams we work in.

The Secret to Structuring Your Thoughts - Keep a Journal

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Master Your Calendar as a Leader of a Remote Team

For new readers: To get started in this series...

Active Listening: A Guide for Leaders and Managers of Remote Teams

A guide to Active Listening for leaders and managers of remote teams.

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