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Sharing a few places where I have been either interviewed, gave a presentation or shared an article.


A snapshot of some recent interviews on podcasts like the Supermanagers Podcast, Virtual Not Distant, digital kompakt, Distant Job.

Teams Across Timezones: How to Be an Effective Remote Manager
In episode 27, Marcus Wermuth (Engineering Manager at Buffer) explains why we must remember to include humanness and personality in our work systems and structures.
WLP217 and WLP218 BONUS: Conversations with Marcus Wermuth and Laila von Alvensleben — Virtual not Distant
To sustain your suspense for our new episodes commencing 16th January, we share with you two extended interviews from 2019 for you to enjoy.
WLP188 - From Maker to Manager in a Distributed Company — Virtual not Distant
Today we discuss the transition to management and what that means for professional roles in a distributed team - plus, a handy tool, wellbeing reflections, and exciting news about our new book.
Buffer: Erfolgreich remote führen | Remote Work #10 | digital kompakt
Du erfährst, welche Unterschiede es in der Führung von Remote-Teams im Vergleich zu Präsenz-Teams gibt und wie du dein Team dynamisch hältst. Mehr...
Podcast Interview on the German Podcast Network digital kompakt
Buffer’s Marcus Wermuth on Translating Empowerment Into Value
In this episode of the DistantJob podcast, we talk to Marcus Wermuth. Marcus, who is Lead Mobile Developer at Buffer, writes about and delivers talks on how to lead remote teams.


An extract of interviews about various topics that relate to remote work, leadership and management.

Remote Work: So stärkt ihr das Teamgefühl im Homeoffice | t3n – digital pioneers
Corona hat zur ­Einsicht ­geführt: Homeoffice lässt sich technisch einfach umsetzen.
Interview for German Magazine t3n
Workflow with Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager & Leadership Coach - Balance The Grind | Conversations On Work, Life & Balance
In this edition of Workflow, we have Buffer Engineering Manager and Leadership Coach, Marcus Wermuth, talking about black coffee, long lunch breaks and jazzy hip hop.
digitale Führung Archive - Journey of Digital Psychology
Interview for a book about Psychology in the digital workplace.


Places where my articles got reshared or reposted.

Why being a manager is a career change, not a promotion
This Buffer engineer shares some of the surprising lessons and takeaways of transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager.
How I Master My Calendar on Buffer’s Distributed Team
The more I’ve I leaned into leadership, the more I’ve noticed how essential calendar management is. Here are my tricks to manage my calendar.
A People Leader’s Guide to Active Listening
When I became a manager, I realized I needed to listen a lot more. This is my journey with active listening, and the exercises that have helped me improve.


When we still were having conferences in real life. Here are two from the recent years.