Me, Myself

Hallo, I am Marcus - engineering leader, writer, coach, speaker, hobby musician and barista and overall curious explorer.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I am on a mission to make virtual leadership more human. Having spent most of my professional time in virtual teams and distributed companies, I learned a lot about what it means to work with people across the globe and how to build effective virtual teams.

I am going to use this here as place to share my learnings, keep a record of my projects, explore new topics, and catalog the things I discover online. The main topics I will cover here are:

Based in Munich, Germany I am currently the Head of Product Development at Parabol. Most recently worked at Remote as an Engineering Manager, and before that I worked at Buffer for almost 7 years. Currently I am finishing up my book on virtual leadership. You can find more information here: Beyond Avatars Book - Making virtual Leadership more human.

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Top 3 posts

  1. Changing Jobs remotely
  2. A guide to virtual One-to-Ones
  3. Active Listening: A guide for leaders of remote teams

You can find more posts on my blog.


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Don’t hesitate - I am always kind 🤗